Every time walking across the store and looking at a saree makes you feel delighted and immediately frames a rough plan in your head about how you are going to style yourself in that piece. Unfamiliarity with your own body type often makes you choose the wrong saree and end up looking awful.

“There is no limit to beauty”

As the famous quote says “Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes” it is absolutely clear that there is nothing called a perfect figure. A well-defined body is craved for always. Each and every body type have its own specification and grace. It is just the right knowledge which is important to enhance the allure with perfect choice of sarees in various types of body.

It is very much important to understand the type of body which is the basic step to embellish the figure as well as the confidence.

Determining the Body Type with the help of Measurements:

The body silhouette is what the body type is. Measurement of Bust, Waist and Hips are important to determine the body type. Follow the steps to get a correct measurement an identify the right body type.

Step 1: Stand straight in front of the mirror.

Step 2: Measure the fullest part of your bust.

Step 3: Measure the slimmest part of your waist above the belly button but below the rib cage.

Step 4: Measure the fullest circumference of your hip.

Step 5: Do also measure the shoulder for reference.

The Body Shape Guide:

  • Apple Shaped Body:

This body type usually has broader bust line and waist with relatively narrower hip. Hence the weight gain at the midriff is very much eye catching. 

Embroidered and beaded sarees are a perfect choice. Silk saree however can provide the desired look and help to balance the figure. A ulta pallu style can create an illusionary waist to hide tuck the tummy in. An under-confident arm can be covered with long sleeves blouses with light work or prints. Flaunting your curves is the right option for you.

Fabrics that stick to the body like that of chiffon, net, etc are a strict no for these types of body shapes.

  • Hour Glass Shaped Body:

This type of body is the most wanted. In this case the body perfectly strikes the balance of being proportionate. The waist line is narrower while the bust and the hip measures absolutely the same or aligned. With a properly defined waistline this body type has to flaunted with ultimate grace.

The proportionate curves are your flaunting styles. Fabrics like chiffon, cotton, georgette, etc complement your normal curves and hence highlights them perfectly. Normal blouses with medium embellishments do work. Dark coloured sarees with embroidery and embellishments are considered to be the perfect drape.

Draping elaborately is a bad option for this body type.

  • Pear Shaped Body:

Full attention shifts to the lower portion of the body as the complete weight is only visible in the hip and the thigh. In this type the has leaner bust and waist with broader hips.

As the upper body is leaner, sarees with heavy embellishments on the upper part is the correct choice. Seedha pallu complements the style well. Always the choice of brighter and vibrant colours are able to strike the balance in the figure.

Mermaid style sarees and cuts are absolutely not for this body type. 

  • Rectangular Shaped Body:

This body type has no difference in the measurement of the bust, waist or hip rather they are all aligned in the same line. This is usually a well-balanced body with less or no waist definition.

Fabrics light cotton, organza, brocade seems gorgeous on this body shapes. Bold print blouse with deep cut neck and sleek borders is a stunning choice. Creating an illusionary curve around the waist with the use of belts can be perfect to make the figure look completely balanced. Being a super model body shape, this can be flaunted with much ease than other body types. Corset, V-neck, Boat, Halter, etc are the perfect options.

Avoid fabrics that bring too much attention to the waist.

  • Inverted Triangle Shaped Body:

This type of body type is the most athletic and well built. The shoulders are much broader than the portion of waist and hips. The arms and legs are the most precious parts of the body and has to be enhanced with grace.

Sarees with minimalistic designs should be your choice. The best way to drape is to pin the pallu in proper plates for the flaunting of the narrower waist. The choice of blouses should be leaner complementing the broad shoulder.

It is best to let go heavier work or embellishments on the upper part of the body as it may make the shoulders look even broader.  

Apart from categorizing in the above types based on measurements, body types can also be differentiated on the basis of how they look at once. They are very basic and on a general note.

  • Tall and Slim Body Type:

Draping bold colours and vibrant prints with heavy patched or weaved boarder look great on this body types as they perfectly complement the height and silhouette.

  • Plus Sized Body Type:

Fabrics that stick to the body is a real deal for you. Dark and bold colours make you look balanced and smarter. Sleeved blouses can be chosen to cover the flab arms. Also elaborate or loose wearing of saree may make them look plumper.

  • Short and Skinny Body Type:

Sarees with thin borders and light prints are best choice as it makes a perfect balance in the over all look. Opting to lighter sarees and heavier blouses can create an illusion of tall height. Shades of Pastels, Browns, Greys or Reds are your friend forever.  Accessorizing like that of proper heels, clutches and statement neck pieces are absolutely must for this type of body.

Curtain Call

Even in 21st century an Indian woman in all her glory and grace looks absolutely mesmerizing in a beautiful saree. With kohl in the eyes, bindi on the forehead and dazzling jhumkas she can beat any fashion icon of the world. A saree is always lot more than just 6 or 9 yards. It is the essence of our rich, culture and heritage. Sarees are not considered outdated anymore rather these are the greatest innovations in the field of fashion. 

Hence, lovelies the next time forget about the shopping nightmares and hold your chin up and chest high with complete confidence to crash into any Bollywood party.

Hope to get back to you soon…

Until then “Love Love…”