Keya Seth Exclusive always wants to keep its customers happy. So, we have return policies. However, to avoid any mishandling of the products, we have strict rules for return policies. We are very particular about the process of delivery. We have all the best products that are unique and quality-checked. So, there is very little chance of damage from our end. For that matter, we recheck and pack properly to avoid any damage to the product. 
We have dedicated professionals who are confident and particular about our delivery. However, our customers’ comfort is our priority. So, we have return policies that are user-friendly and methodical. Remember we have return policies only in limited conditions. We want our customers to learn about these policies for a happy and trouble-free shopping experience. 
Kindly refer to the guidelines below to have a clear idea about our return policies.  
  • If you have any problem, first send us an email at 
  • If you receive any product with manufacturing defect or product mismatched, kindly contact us on 8100786906 within 48 hours of the product’s arrival. 
  • Without consultation, we will not accept any product. There will be NO REFUND or RETURN without getting verified from us.  
  • Always mention the issue that you have with the product. Be specific about the damage while you are returning the product. 
  • If you are claiming to have received the damaged product, then we want a video of the unboxing where the damaged portion is clearly highlighted.  
  • In case of product mismatch, let us know about your expectations and the details of the product that you have received.  
  • In the event of a return, we will only refund the amount of the product, not the shipping cost.  
  • Always return within 7 days of confirmation from our side. Do remember to return with the original packing and conditioning. No altered, washed, worn, or used items will be accepted. Send us a copy of the original invoice you received from us. 
  • Maintain the time duration of the return. If you exceed the given duration, then we will not accept the product.  
  • We will thoroughly examine the returned product without delay. Immediate actions will be taken and will make sure of ceasing such problematic situations henceforth.  
  • The responsibility to return the product will be yours. We won’t be responsible for missing products. 
  • Shipping costs will be yours in case you have to return the product. 
  • We, unfortunately, do not offer an exchange policy for the customers outside country.