Shipping Policies

Shipping Policies  


Shipping is an integral part of online shopping, and KeyaSeth Exclusive is particular about it.  We always wish for our customers' happiness. That is why we have some trustworthy sources and partners that assist us in reaching the doorstep of customers effortlessly. 

Shipping of products plays a pivotal role for online shops. It is directly proportional to delivery.  So, consumers need to comprehend certain parameters that will help them understand the easy-peasy procedure of shipping to delivery.  

 Let’s see some of the details that we have in store for your better understanding.  



We are particular about the delivery charges. Yes, we impose a certain amount of delivery charge if a person buys below 2000. The delivery charge will differ from time to time for all the products. So, we always charge the correct and updated delivery cost. Other expenses will be considered before processing any product. So, every time we will flash you the delivery charge whenever you place an order from our online store.  




Delivery of all products from Keya Seth Exclusive will be processed within a few days. So, it will not be a long wait from our side. We believe in the quick and effortless shipment of all items. That’s why we take around 7 days for shipment.  


Sometimes the location of your house can be a matter of a slight delay after shipment. It will be a matter that will also depend upon the delivery partners. In some cases, they can delay the process of delivery due to some unavoidable circumstances. We will keep track of the delivery process so that our customers don’t face any challenges. 




We always try to maintain a clear bond with our customers. So, it is against our ethics to charge an extra penny without any proper information. That’s the reason, we mention all the details regarding taxes and the costs during the final billing.  


Do check our price distribution thoroughly before processing the payment. We never charge any additional amount that is hidden from the customer. A proper bill is generated that has all the clear information about the amount you are supposed to pay during purchase.  




Distance is a matter that can delay the process. If someone is in Kolkata or any other part of West Bengal or any adjacent areas, they will receive a faster delivery of products. So, if you are from any other part of the country, then there will be a slight delay in receiving your parcel.  


Sometimes, the courier partner has a holiday. In that case, the delivery process can be delayed. Some of the delivery partners don’t work on weekends. This can be the reason why the process gets stuck.  




We are glad to inform you that our renowned brand Keya Seth Exclusive is now operating globally too. So, if you are in any other part of the world, Indian/ Bengali style will not be far from you with Keya Seth Exclusive. We really appreciate the effort you take to visit our online shop and purchase. So, we are joyfully shipping the product through the best delivery partners to your address.