India is the world’s 2nd largest producer and exporter of silk


silk in india


Silk and its origin

Silk is primarily derived from the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm “Bombyx mori” nurtured in captivity (sericulture). The shimmering appearance of silk is due to the triangular prism-like structure of the silk fibre, which allows silk cloth to divert incoming light at different angles, producing different colours.

silk weaving in India 

Handloom silk saree is identified as the most luxurious and classy fabric in Indian traditional clothing. Saree signifies the glory of Indian culture. India being the vast contributor in production and export of silk, the journey of silk sarees symbolizes a legacy in Indian textile.

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Tussar Silk

Tussar Slk saree


Tussar Silk is believed to have originated during the medieval age. Among all the types of silk, Tussar silk differentiates itself by its unique colour, luxurious feel and charm. Its rich texture and natural gold colour makes it a heirloom fabric. It reflects the elegance of every women’s desire.


Tussar Silk saree


With eastern India being the forte of Tussar silk, Jharkhand stands at the top in terms of production. It is one of the finest and light weight saree to drape which gives a cool comfort and is therefore hugely worn during the summers. At Keya Seth Exclusive, we adore this fine creation and bring you an exquisite collection of Tussar silk.


Chanderi Silk 

Chanderi silk saree


The royal textile, Chanderi silk has its origin from a very small town in Madhya Pradesh called Chanderi, while history speaks about its origin between the 2nd and 7thcentury BC, it rose to prominence during the 11thcentury.

Chanderi saree is also referred to as ‘woven air’ because of its transparency and the sheer texture of the fabric. Distinguished by its light weight and glossy texture, Chanderi silk is considered as the epitome of fabrics.

Chanderi Silk saree


The yarn used for weaving Chanderi doesn’t go through the degumming process to prevent breakage during weaving. Thus, it is given the unique shine and texture. Known for its soft pastel hues, Chanderi silk is considered one of the royal ranges in silk sarees. At Keya Seth Exclusive, you will find the best collection of Chanderi silk sarees and dresses.

Kanchipuram Silk

Kanjivaram silk saree


Originating from the village ‘Kanchipuram’ in Tamil Nadu, Kanchipuram silks are considered the queen of silk sarees. Dominating the South Indian beauty and culture, Kanchipuram sarees are considered sacred by the south Indian women and are specially worn during auspicious occasions.

The shine and durability of the fabric have made these sarees popular across the globe. The rich quality combined with an amazing finish make them last longer. Be it the broad zari borders or the solid texture, these royal fabrics are noted as the Nation’s pride.

Kanjeevaram silk saree


The silk obtained from the mulberry worm is hand-processed to produce the stunning Kanjeevaram silk. Tracing its long and rich history from the Chola Dynasty, Kachipuram sarees today is considered as one of the oldest and rich legacy of the Indian textile industry. At Keya Seth Exclusive, we bring you the most unique and pristine collection of Kanjeevaram sarees.


The Transformation

Benarasi silk saree


During the past two decades, the silk saree weaving techniques has been totally modernized with technical developments in terms of both weaving and designing. However, with passing decade, the authenticity and traditional significance of Indian silk sarees has never been altered.

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