“As the winds change their direction,

The Chandan, Kumkum, Aalta and Benarasi start to write a new story...

Yes! It’s that time of the year when Wedding Bells mark a new journey.”


Wedding fashion


Among all the Indian weddings filled with colors, pompous and vibrant rituals, Bengali weddings hold a special place. A Bengali wedding is always filled with complete color, camaraderie and beauty above all else. Starting from the Aiburo Bhaat to Boubhat, one cannot ignore its style, fashion and treats.


Wedding fashion at Keya Seth Exclusive


If you are among those who desire to be pampered and groomed like a true Bengali Bride, then read on to find out the complete guide for your wedding.


Wedding fashion, wedding rituals, Bengali wedding

The rituals 

Just after the Pakka Kotha, when your family elders delightfully engage themselves in Biyer preparations and arrangements, the celebration begins with charm. In between all the joyous howling and hoi-choi, the fun filled traditional journey begins with blessings of elders.


Bengali wedding


The Aiburo Bhaat 

While this ritual is treated with an elaborate feast,your traditional attire makes it more memorable.

From Benarasi to Tant, the Bengali saree trend…


Bengali wedding rituals


To make your Aiburo Bhaat more special and memorable, a traditional Bengali saree like Tant, Jamdani or Tassar is just perfect. At Keya Seth Exclusive we bring you the best collection of Tant, Dhakai & Tassar sarees from across Bengal & Bangladesh. 


 Bengali wedding rituals


As the wedding day commences, every ritual related to it starting from Sankha Porano, Dodhi Mongol to Gaye Holud adds the essence and divine beauty of Bangalianna and its custom.


Wedding fashion at Keya Seth Exclusive


A traditional Bengali marriage is incomplete without Benarasi Saree. It’s not only during the Saath Paakh and Subho Dristi that adore the epitome of Bengali marriage; a Benarasi Saree portrays your story of belief, love, beauty, customs and divinity. At Keya Seth Exclusive you will find the most glamorous and exclusive range of Benarasi sarees from wedding collections.


Wedding fashion at Keya Seth Exclusive


A Bengali bride’s attire is considered the most elegant, glamorous and regal, transforming her total personality. A gorgeous red Banarasi Saree with shimmering golden zari embroideries draped in Aath Poure style perfectly reflects the Bengali tradition.


Bengali wedding rituals


The quintessential artistic sensibilities find new expression on the bride’s forehead with kumkum and chandan centering the big red bindi. Along with chandon, the Gach Kouto and Kajal Laata completes the customs & the bridal look. For that perfect Bengali Bridal look book your slot at Keya Seth Bridal Studio

 Fashion for Bengali Groom  

Bengali groom fashion


On the other hand, the attire of the Bengali Groom is considered as the most charming and adorable because of its uniqueness in terms of tradition and style. If you are seeking for Royal Kurta paired with a Traditional Dhoti, then Keya Seth Exclusive is the one stop solution for all your needs. Along with a wide range of Cotton, Silk and Tussar Punjabis, we also have wide range of Muslin and Tant Dhotis.


Groom fashion, wedding fashion by Keya Seth Exclusive


That’s not all! Our authentic collections of Kurta Pyjama with classic embroideries is sure to enhance all the rituals and accentuate your wedding in the most perfect way.


Wedding fashion at Keya Seth Exclusive


We believe that a marriage is no less a celebration, the ideal connection of two hearts and bonding of two families brings aspirations and happiness. At Keya Seth Exclusive, we beautifully compose your marriage story with our exclusive wedding collection.

So what are you waiting for? Come step in our doors as we design your perfect day to a new beginning.