handloom saree

This Republic Day let us remember the Indian tradition with The Story of Handloom Sarees...

Sarees have always been a symbol of significance and substance in Indian Culture. The unstitched long ethnic saree not only beautifies the Indian feminism but also signifies the traces of Indian tradition, its spirit and the pride of Indian Culture. Cotton/Khadi has always been a symbol of dignity and pride for India, particularly because of its representation by Gandhiji for Swadesi Movement.

At Keya Seth Exclusive, we honour this National Pride of India and present you the Exclusive Collection of Ikkat, Tant and Muslin Sarees.


The ethnic range of tie & dye  – IKKAT 


Ikkat hadloom saree


Ikkat sarees, though traditional makes a trendy wear for every fashionista. Ikkat, with its origin from South East Asia has fascinated saree connoisseurs globally with its rich colours and intricate weaving technique. The vibrant tie-dye patterns on a pure cotton or silk base provide a perfect abstract background for crafting stories.


Ikkat double wrap cotton saree


There are different types of Ikkat sarees that differ in weaving patterns as well as the tie & dye technique. Single Ikkat & Double Ikkat are the two most common varieties of this pattern. With a flavour of true patriotism, you can find an exclusive range of Ikkat sarees at Keya Seth Exclusive.


The Pride Range of Bengal's Tradition - TANT


Tant saree handloom cotton


When it comes to traditional cotton sarees, one cannot ignore the pride of Bengal, Tant Saree. The Tant Sarees make an inseparable part of the rich heritage of Bengal. This handloom woven super fine cotton sarees with the addition of zari or munga thread can create an ethereal look perfect for every occasion.  


cotton tant handloom


At Keya Seth Exclusive, we magnificently bring you the journey of Bengal’s Tant with our expansive Tant collection.


The Legacy Of Luxury And Quality – MUSLIN  


muslin handloom saree


With traces of rich Nawabi culture, Muslin is believed to have its origin from Dhakka (Bangladesh) and parts of West Bengal. The hand-woven delicate yarn was regularly  exported to Europe in the late 17th and 18th century.


Muslin Saree


The finest quality of yarn was used to make these sarees & Muslin was considered the most expensive and sophisticated fabric that pleased the Nawabs of the time. At Keya Seth Exclusive, we present you the exclusive range of Muslin sarees.


handloom saree India


The crafted and weaved legacy and its journey from handloom to showroom significantly mark its diligence and therefore Handloom sarees are the eternal showcase of India’s heritage textile. Be it from Bengal, Gujrat or Varanasi, Coimbatore, Handloom sarees speaks of the rich heritage of India in every fold. At Keya Seth Exclusive we bring you the finest collection of Handloom sarees. Our collection beautifully depicts the Indian beauty in diversity.