We come across so many fashion collections and their beauty. But for an Indian, ethic and traditional wear are always an epitome. While Banarasi is considered as the royal fabric in Indian tradition, it is also considered as the art of weaving life into fabric. So, let us unveil this soulful weaving history and unfold the legacy of Banarasi.

“Jahan mitti ki khusboo se hoti hai kisi shagun ki shuruwat, wahi pe likhi jati hai is kala ki katha-Ye hai Benaras.”

Tracing the History of Banarsi Fabric:

The Banarasi fabric is considered as one of the popular fabric in Indian Fashion, as it bestows any culture with its richness and royalty. Be it weddings, traditional customs or any Indian ethic celebration, Benarasi Sarees, Kurtas and other ethnic wears pre-dominate the fashion culture.

However, there are many such Indian traditional fashion fabrics like Kanjivaram and Khadi. But Banarsi sarees and fashion has come a long way with huge variants and social importance, specially a Bengali Wedding can never be overlooked without Banarasi sarees. This Banarasi saree is not only making waves in the Indian fashion industry but also in the international fashion world. 

So, from where did this social transformation took its plight and how it made its passage into Indian fashion? You will get to know everything as we keep on unfolding the legacy.

When it comes to sarees, the history of Indian sarees dates back to the Hindu mythology of Ramayana in the 1000 to 300 B.C. and in the Buddhist Scriptures in the first millennium. Banarasi silk sarees was then introduced to India by the Mughal Empire with its intricate weaving and designing craftsmanship.

The saree today has a mixture of two different cultures, the Mughals and Indian. In the olden days, silk for this saree was imported from China; nowadays the silk is sourced from the Southern parts of India. 

Indian sarees are divided into two broad categories the traditional bridal and the designer segment. Banarasi sarees are bridal sarees that are very popular because of their various textures, colours, and designs.Originally crafted exclusively for the royalty, each Banarasi sari was then created from real gold and silver threads, taking as much as a year to make.

Today, the threads have been replaced with coloured gold and silver threads. This famous saree has eye-catching patterns and shades woven on a handloom and shipped all over the world.

So, let us unfold more and learn how this piece of royal beauty makes its journey from the Ghats to your Wardrobe.

The Craftsmanship of Banarasi sarees:

The Banarasi sarees holds its traces from Banaras (then) Varanasi (now) which is in Uttar Pradesh. This saree is traditionally made in four varieties namely Organza (Kora), Georgette saree, Shatir saree, and Pure silk (Katan).

The many varieties of Banarasi silk saree are organza, satin borders, jangla, Brocades, Tanchoi, cutwork, and Reshambutidar that have interesting designs of animals, birds, floral, fruit, human figures, and geometric patterns. Persian motifs are also included in the Indian designs to create distinct flower patterns of the saree used even today.

It usually takes around more or less thana month to complete weaving a Banarasi saree. Making the Banarasi saree requires teamwork, usually more than three weavers work in the creation of this saree. In Keya Seth Exclusive we adore this intricate craftsmanship, our motifs, stiches and art designs ideally represent this weaving beauty.

The Banarasi sarees in Keya Seth Exclusive defines the fashionable and exotic weavings by the designers who use zari, motifs, and emeralds and will surely be one of your favourites to be listed for your wardrobe.

How we @ Keya Seth Exclusive bring you the unlimited choice of Benarasi Fashion for both Men and Women?

Till now, we have understood the making, traces and intricacies required for crafting this royal beauty. Now, we will unfold the majorly famous Banarasi sarees that you can witness exclusively at Keya Seth Exclusive.

Here are some major types of Banarasi sarees that would make you buy them immediately.

  • KHAADI GEORGETTE BANARASI SAREES: A trendsetter and always emerged as one of the most unique drapes, this Banarasi saree is really loved by Indian women and is popular in the western nations. You could check the amazing collection of Keya Seth Exclusive and choose your trend setter.
  • PURE KATAN SILK BANARASI SAREE:These sarees are woven out of pure silk threads. One of the most expensive and classy saree, this saree provide the essence of richness, purity and authenticity. At Keya Seth Exclusiveyou can find variety of options.
  • DUPION SILK: DUPION SILK BANARASI SAREESare the crisp type of silk fabric that is particularly designed in a way to make this saree extraordinary. This saree is perfect for traditional meetings. Select your best choice from Keya Seth Exclusive to add this extraordinary beauty.
  • TUSSAR SILK BANARASI SAREE: This saree is widely characterised for its quality. It is produced form the various species of larvae. To be precise this saree is expensive but its cost is worth all the love and attention you would get after wearing it. So, get your best quality of Tussar atKeya Seth Exclusive and add the beauty statement.

Hope you had a royal experience in unfolding this royal beauty-Banarasi. That’s not all, at Keya Seth Exclusive you will find more than just the traditional Banarasi Fashion, we have Banarasi kurtas for men, Sherwanis, fusion Banarsi Skirts and trousers to add that traditional fusion glamour in your wardrobe.

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