how to take care of Muslin sarees


Closely related to the Nawabi era, Muslin is considered as one of the most exotic and exquisite range in fabrics. Some say that the word “Muslin” was derived from Mosul, an old trade center in Iraq, while others say Muslin was linked with Musulipattam, from southern India. Later it was believed to have its traces from Dhakka and parts of West Bengal. Thus, Muslin marks a glorious legacy in Indian fabrics.

More about Muslin and its maintenance


Muslin Saree


Muslin is a plain-woven fabric made of yarns of various weights. A superior quality Muslin is distinguished by its fine yarn quality, smooth texture and the weaving technique, like use of even spun threads in both warp and weft. This hand-woven delicate yarn was exported to Europe in the late 17th and 18th century from India.


Muslin Saree


The fabric of a good Muslin saree is known by its fine texture, transparency, ultra-light feel and luxurious finish. Muslin is often known as Malmal, sometimes mentioned as Shahi Malmal or Malmal Khas.  If you are trying to keep your precious Muslin sarees  "new" for years to come then you must follow the right tips in taking care of your saree. Remember-“Patience is the key” therefore be patient with this delicate piece of luxury and follow our list of tips and tricks to preserve it.

Washing Tips 

  • When it comes to washing a Muslin saree, always remember to be delicate on its texture.
  • It is also advised to follow the instructions carefully provided with the saree, as the fabric blend used often differs from manufacturer to manufacturer & needs to be maintained accordingly.

Read on to find out the best way to hand wash your Muslin saree,

washing muslin saree

  •  It is best recommended to soak the saree in lukewarm water mixed with mild liquid detergent for about 10 mins prior to wash.
  • Then rinse the saree with running tap water and let the soapy foams get washed away. Use your fingers softly to rub & clean.
  • Do not wring, twist or squeeze when the saree is wet.
  • Hang the saree on some clean surface and let the water drip off completely.
  • If your saree is colored, dry it under shade to avoid fading and if it is plain white then sun-drying will be fine.
  • It is essential to understand that Muslin saree must be washed separately to avoid any kind of wear and tear or colour damage.

For machine wash, it is best advised to use a water softener and any mild liquid detergent mixed in cold water. Set the machine on mild and prior to wash, let the saree soak for 10 mins. Avoid spinning or machine drying. Rather lightly squeeze out the water and let it dry naturally. However, hand wash is always a more safer option when it comes to cleaning your Muslins.  

Even after maintained wash, if your saree tend to crumple after getting dried? Know what else can be done to keep your saree soft without any creases,


  • Using a mixture of half water and half white vinegar can work wonders for your Muslin saree, as vinegar will unset the creases. Fabric conditioner can also work similarly to keep the creases away.


How to Iron Muslin sarees

  • When it comes to ironing, it is preferred to steam iron your saree. If you do not have a steam iron, sprinkle some water and lightly iron the fabric to avoid any damage.

Muslins are predominant fabric in terms of luxury and smoothness. Needless to say, the intricacies of weaving technique and finest texture, makes muslin the most adoring fabric in sarees. The Story of Indian Bunkari by Keya Seth Exclusive presents the finest collection of Muslins to introduce the Kolkatans with this Regal Fabric which is Traditional & Trendy at the same time.