care for linen saree


Linen is a strong & durable natural fabric; when properly cared for it can last for generations. Linen sarees are woven loosely in order to make them flowy & more comfortable but that does not compromise with the inherent strength of the fabric.

 linen saree care instruction


However, loosely weaved fine linen sarees can torn easily, if not cared properly. Wearing & laundering linen sarees over time makes them softer & smoother but it is important to make sure that you use & launder them in a proper way.


care for linen saree


Here are some must follow tips to care for your beautiful linen sarees, so that they remain new forever & you can enjoy wearing the same linens for years & even generations,    


Look for care instructions


care instruction of linen


Linen is more often than not mixed with cotton, khadi or silk to give the fabric a unique look & feel. There are also linen blends that are unique to particular brands or designers. So, when you buy a linen saree, first of all check for its care & wash instructions as provided by the manufacturer & make sure to follow the same every time.


linen saree storage care


Wash with care


hand wash linen sarees


It is best to separately hand-wash your linen sarees at home with a mild liquid detergent. While washing always use normal water. Before washing, soak the saree (particularly if it comes with bright colors) for 10-15 minutes in water added with rock salt to lock the hues in, which will prevent any fading of colors.


Dry without wringing


linen saree care instruction


Do not squeeze or twist your saree hard when it is wet. Linen has no stretch, hence strong squeezing in wet condition can torn the fibers. However, Linen dries quickly in natural air. Instead of hanging the saree for drying, it is better to spread it on a plain surface or drying rack. This will also minimize crushing of the fabric.


linen saree care


Continuous exposure to direct sunlight can have a bleaching effect on the color of the linen, so keep it away from direct sun exposure while drying or storing.


Maintain proper conditions for pressing


linen saree care


Linen can be easily pressed when wet & needs a high temperature for pressing. Always avoid pressing linens on the folds. However, wearing crumpled linen has its own charm. You should never starch your linen saree. It will destroy the natural softness of the fabric giving it a stiff feel.     


Folding linen is not a good idea


linen saree care


Linen has high durability but it has minimum stretch. Folding your linen saree from the same crease repeatedly might result into permanent damage or even tearing of the fabric over time. So, keep your saree lightly folded & store it on a wooden hanger in a way so that it is not squeezed or pressed down from the folds. 


Store in the right place


linen care


Storing your favorite linen saree away from moisture or dampness & direct sunlight is advised. Linen can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture. So, selecting the right place for storing your linen saree is important.


linen saree


Linens are one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear. They have their own pristine charm & they also save the skin from the UV rays of the sun & even minor infections.  So, make sure that your wardrobe has a good collection of these sarees & in case you don’t, worry not; visit Keya Seth Exclusive today to shop from the best collection of Linen sarees.