Linen & Khadi Saree for office wear


All you girls out there with the believe, sarees are only for occasions & parties, it can’t keep up with your daily busy lifestyle, it’s time to wake up. The scenario is quickly changing not only in the fashion world but also in the regular day to day wear arena.


lightweight cotton ikkat for office


More lady professionals are now picking sarees as regular wear for office, not only because they look beautiful but also because they are the most lightweight & comfortable wear in summer. Moreover, the right saree worn in the right way is always the best choice to make that special statement, even in office.


designer cotton saree for summer


But be assured, the latest fashion trends do not encourage putting on anything that might make you feel uncomfortable. The days of heavy, synthetic sarees are now passé.


linen for summer


We are in the era of finest natural fiber made handloom woven sarees that are lightweight, soft to touch & can keep you cool even in hot & sweaty summer days. These sarees are often available in pastel & summer shades, perfect for the sweltering summer days.


muga silk for summer



Linen, Handloom Cotton & Ikkat are voted the best sarees for regular office wear during summer. These light weight, soft sarees are available in attractive & fashionable shades & designs. So, if your closet already does not have a few of each of these saree varieties, it is time to go shopping. You can find the most expansive & smart variations of Linen, Ikkat & handloom cotton sarees at Keya Seth Exclusive store.



linen in pastel


Linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant through a tedious process. The fabric has high absorbency & is valued for their look & feel. Linen sarees come in a wide range of colors & patterns and are cherished for their elite look.    

Handloom Cotton


handloom cotton for summer


Handloom cotton sarees are extremely lightweight & make an ideal wear for hot & humid summer days due to their high absorbency & breathability. Handloom cotton sarees come in different colors, patterns, hues & often in combination with silk borders & designs.

Cotton Ikkat


Cotton Ikkat for summer


Ikkat is an ancient natural fabric-based craft that stands highly relevant even in today’s modern textile industry. The word Ikkat comes from the Malaysian word ‘mengikat’ which means ‘to tie’. The technique involves an intricate process of tying the loose threads into bundles with rubber, grasses or wax treated cotton ropes to specify where the die should sink in & color the bundle of threads(resist-dying).


double ikkat for summer


In making double ikkat, which is the more advanced method, resist-dyed yarns are used in both Wrap and Weft, making the process more complex and grand at the same time.  The intricacies of color & weaving techniques in ikkat seamlessly blends tradition with trends, creating an undeniable appeal for every connoisseur.   

Tasar & Muga handloom


breezy silk for summer


Tasar Silk Handloom & Muga Silk Handloom are some of the premium silk saree varieties that are perfect for office wear during summer. Pure tasar & muga silk are lightweight, has a natural resilience & carry a premium look that is sure to make you stand apart.


elegant tasar for summer


The most expansive range of these premium summer special saree varieties are available in Keya Seth Exclusive Store.

Get the right blouse


designer blouse for summer


To get the perfect office look in a saree, considering the blouse that you will pair with it, is quite important. A stylish blouse in nifty cut can give you the perfect smart & elegant look for office. Keya Seth Exclusive also has a grand collection of this type of designer blouses that can give any saree the best look.